Custom Feeding

Waterfall Feedlot can accommodate custom-fed cattle in lots of 50 - 150 or more from private or commercial producers.  Custom feeding can be arranged for trade markets, export or EU (70 - 100 days) as required by the customer.  Many years of experience have enabled a custom feeding program second to none.

Waterfall Feedlot adheres to a strict quality assurance program as part of their association with the NFAS and EUCAS accreditation.  The Feedlot undergoes annual auditing to maintain its' accreditation.


Waterfall Feedlot employs the services of Phil Dew, Associate and Consultant with IAP (Integrated Animal Production Pty Ltd) to assist with the formulation of feed rations in conjunction with Robert and John. He has been working with the Feedlot for the past 10 years to develop an outstanding feeding program.  Feed rations are monitored and tested regularly to ensure that the maximum nutrition is available to your cattle.

Daily Feeding

Feed bunks are inspected each morning and the appropriate levels of feed determined for the day's feeding.  Feed rations are mixed in our two RotoMix mixers and are delivered by our two JCB tractors.

Feed Rations

Waterfall Feedlot cattle begin life at the feedlot on a hay ration, move to a starter ration, followed by a medium ration and finally a finisher ration for the appropriate length of time to ensure meeting of the target market requirements.  Our experience has shown that the cattle benefit greatly from consuming the hay ration at the start of their feeding regime.

These rations have been carefully formulated to meet the energy requirements of the cattle to maximise growth potential during the time at the feedlot.  Rations are adjusted seasonally to ensure a consistent supply of high quality commodities are available.  Feed ration ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers and from farming land belonging to the Maudsley Group.  Grain and other commodities sourced for the Feedlot are delivered by Waterfall's fleet of trucks where possible.


Waterfall Feedlot has recently installed an heated tank for an oil based supplement which when added to the current feed rations should improve feed intake and therefore better the growth rate of cattle.  Further improvements in the planning stage include a new feedmill complex.


During summer periods of high heat, a specially formulated heat ration is used and feeding practices are adjusted to better accommodate the needs of cattle during that specific time.  Monitoring of the heat load is undertaken every morning before feeding and Waterfall Feedlot has a dedicated weather station at each site to ensure accurate forecasts are possible.

Waterfall Feedlot is committed to improving their custom feeding to the highest possible standard and are constantly looking to improve results for their customers.

For further enquiries regarding our custom feeding programs, please contact Robert Maudsley for further details or to make a booking.