Cattle Management

Waterfall Feedlot prides itself on the good reputation it has established over many years of custom feeding for a wide range of clients and markets.  Owner/Manager Robert Maudsley has extensive experience in drafting cattle for the desired markets of customers.  Marketing can be arranged if required.


Waterfall Feedlot's main site at Maudsley Road is a 3900SCU feedlot with 56 pens available.  Covered induction facilities, double deck loading ramp, office, weighbridge and feedmill are all located at this site.  The additional feedlot site, known as 'Nangur Downs', comprises 30 pens with covered induction facilities and double deck loading ramp.  All feedlot pens are watered by the extensive system of underground water supplied by numerous bores over the two sites.

Cattle Processing

On arrival, cattle are weighed on the truck if required before being unloaded and processed.  At that time, cattle are scanned before being uniquely identified with a feedlot tag, weighed individually, treated with appropriate vaccines and any other required husbandry tasks and recorded on the feedlot's database.  After the cattle have been processed, they are moved to feedlot pens with access to water, appropriate feed ration and hay.  Cattle are transferred on the NLIS database as necessary.

Cattle Departure

All cattle are drafted according to the market for which they are intended.  During the drafting process cattle are weighed individually and NLIS details recorded.  Waterfall Feedlot prepares all necessary travel documents to accompany the cattle.  Transport can be arranged at the customer's request.

Cattle Health

All feedlot pens are checked daily for signs of sick or injured cattle.  These are transferred to the hospital pens for appropriate assessment and treatment.  Any treatments administered are billed to the individual client's fortnightly account.


Customers can be supplied with both induction and exit reports if required. 


Customers are billed on a fortnightly basis for induction costs (once only), feed intake and veterinary supplies (if necessary).  Customer accounts are due in 14 days.